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In a place beyond dreams, where fantasy and the darkness merge lives Alice, a tall girl who forever wears a top hat over her long blue hair, high heels, blue and black striped stockings and a short black dress with a small white pinnie. Her sole purpose is to guide people through Darkland pulling them deeper into their darkest fantasies and nightmares until they have no will or way to leave.
A playful girl and forever speaking in odd little riddles she tempts people into her domain?.

   Walking down his estate path Dan sighed, wishing his life would become full of adventure and not as it was. He?d been walking toward the old school that had been abandoned 30 years before and thinking about all the pupils that had been there, wandering what interesting things they would be doing now.
?Dan? he heard his name like a whisper on the breeze followed by a soft giggle, knowing it had come from on the school grounds somewhere he quickly jumped the fence.
Broken windows with wind whipping at the old blinds and glittering glass that crunched under foot showed that the only sign of life was that of young vandals so he turned to leave, shaking his head.
?I?m losing my marbles? he said and laughed with the irony of talking to himself.
?Dan? he froze in his tracks and spun around to see who had said it but couldn?t see anyone ?Over here? the voice sounded like a girl and the way she giggled sent a shiver down his spine but he walked toward where he thought the voice had come from.
Walking around the old building he shaded his eyes from the setting sun and gazed across the playground where he saw a shimmering liquid substance inside a gothic stone doorway. It didn?t make sense to him at all why anyone would put such a thing there but heard the soft giggling again and the rippling shape of a tall oddly dressed girl on the other side.
?Can?. Can I help you?? Dan said as he approached the doorway, she just smiled at him and wiggled a finger to beckon him closer. He tilted hi head up to look at the doorway and held out his hand to test the liquid like substance inside when the girl reached out with an alabaster whit hand and pulled him in.

     Dan looked down and noticed he was now dressed in a tuxedo with tails, crisp white shirt and dark red waistcoat.
?Welcome to Darkland? said a voice beside him, he turned and looked the oddly dressed girl up and down ?I?m Alice? she held out a hand for him to shake and tipped her top hat.
?Yes, well not to be rude but where the hell am I?? Dan said looking around the ghostly, creaking forest he was now in with a not so normal looking girl.
?As I said, your in Darkland, my land? she put two fingers in her mouth and whistled, shortly a tall black horse trotted up alongside her which she swung up onto, ?Are you coming? There?s no way back but forward, subtle irony don?t you think?? and she giggled again holding the reins with one hand and offering him a hand up with the other. He spun around looking for the doorway but it had gone and he found himself surrounded by forest.
Resigned to the fact he had no place to go he took Alice?s hand and got up on the horse behind her.
?So why am I here?? Dan said with his hands on her waist,
?You?re here because you wished it so and I heard your wish. This is Darkland a place of fantasies and nightmares, pleasure and pain. Where the only way backward is forward? She seemed as though she had said this speech hundreds of times but still smiled in amusement as she said it.
Meanwhile Dan was staring into the forest around them even as they got onto a grey and black chequered grass path, only wide enough for one horse.
?So miss Alice, who are you? Is it me or are the trees moving?? he said holding tighter to her waist.
?Mistress Alice, though you can just call me Alice. I?m the guide to this land, without me you?d be quite lost. Oh and those would be the snakes on the trees? she patted Dan?s hand when he shivered against her ?Nearly there?
In the distance stood a large dark red marquee lit by torches stuck into the ground marking a pathway to the door, Dan saw the outline of two young girls walking inside, hands held.
?Ah here we are. Mordread? the horse stopped at the first two torches burning brightly with green flames and Alice swung her leg over, sliding down to the ground.
?We?re just in time for the Madhatter?s feast? she said pleasantly, when he was down from Mordread and stood beside Alice who was straightening out her dress.
Alice linked her arm through Dan?s leading him down the torch lit path to the marquee entrance which was decorated by metal cast roses with thorns as an archway.
Dan jumped when a large ocelot barred their way and growled at him.
?Now Cheshire that?s not a nice way to greet my guest is it?? Alice said wagging her finger at the ocelot as though he was a naughty schoolboy, whereas Dan was just stunned.
?Well if you must insist on bring so many..? the ocelot said,
?Shush now Cheshire? she said sharply and the wildcat gave Dan a last threatening look then pounced away.. ?Silly kittie? Alice said the led Dan inside.
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Thank you :blackrose:
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